Communication breakdown day at work…

A couple of mass-media articles about blogging today. One from Time Magazine about Blogger and one from the BBC about blogs and the Bloggie awards.

The BBC also reported over the weekend about A security risk in Morpheus that could leave everything on your hard drive accessible to other file sharers. Why does this not surprise me at all?

Dave Winer lists his two rules of integrity. I’d add one more, if you are proven to be wrong in something you wrote publicly, admit it publicly, don’t just make the post disappear. 🙂 I would like to think that if I made a mistake and someone was “kind” enough to point it out, I would correct myself. Admitting when you’re mistaken is a big part of having integrity.

Today’s an interesting day that describes perfectly why I hate this place. I’m in my office working on end-of-month reporting from the database. The new envelope printer is being installed in a co-worker’s office. Her boss gave the go ahead to install it there, but apparently, never bothered to tell her. He’s off out of town on a business trip so others are left explaining it to her. No one has bothered to come and get me to make sure the printer actually works, which when they came in to install the demo, it didn’t. The VP in charge of making this buying decision asked me to oversee the demo, at which point I told her “they left without it ever working properly, there’s no way I could recommend buying a printer that has shown an inability to work with Windows NT.” She decided to buy it anyway, and together with this other VP decided to put it in this woman’s office, hooked up to an NT machine, that they couldn’t get it to work with the first time. I did instruct the two people who will actually have to use this thing to not let the guys leave until they were completely satisfied that it worked, and that they could test it. I’m betting that won’t happen either. I’m also betting that come Thursday, when they need to print envelopes again, I’ll be the one who has to figure out how to make it work, when it doesn’t work, and that will all somehow be my fault.

Also today, Angela and I got our tickets from the President for the Blue Jackets game on Weds. night. One of our vendors has volunteered use of their luxury box for the evening, not a bad deal at all. Of course, being that even something good that comes from work has to be ruined, we are being joined by 5 other people from work, several of whom I have had ongoing “professional differences” with, and will need to confront these people with their technical screw-ups before Weds. evening, which will make the social event such a tension-filled time for everyone involved, I’m sure. I may have to just put off those impending conflicts until after Weds., but I may not be able to do that with all of them.

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