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Jeffrey Randow was kind enough to leave a comment pointing to a little bit of extra info on the firewall settings since the firewall in XP SP2 will be enabled by default. I’ll have to take a close look at the firewall before I deploy this thing out to the few machines that have XP in our office.

Also, Steven has got links to a couple of good MS articles today as well:

Steps that you can take to help identify and to help protect yourself from deceptive (spoofed) Web sites.

Troubleshooting tools for computer browsing using the My Network Places and Network Neighborhood windows

JR has some thoughts on MyFeedster that I could get into. How about having an MT plugin that works as an aggregator, sitting on your own website and gathering feeds that you can then access from anywhere without having to trust whoever’s hosting the RSS service to always be available?

As I’ve always said, here’s even more reason to be careful what you post. (link via the Story of Feedster)

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