We’ve managed to make it back from our trip to the in-laws for my brother-in-law’s engagement party. It was fun, and it was nice to be able to do some things as far as helping with the party and doing some minor fixes to their PC while we were there. Angela’s parents do so much for us usually that it’s nice to repay that in some small way. I did manage to forget to pack the modem I was going to install on one of their PC’s though, doh! (I also managed to forget my tennis shoes, so it was obviously not my best work as far as getting packed. Hopefully I’ll do better for Gnomedex!) But I think I salvaged my reputation by fixing a problem they had been having in Outlook Express for some time! The SBC/Yahoo dial software they had installed had apparently decided to set OE to hang up after sending and receiving, only instead of hanging up, the hang-up process in OE would cause a fault and crash. So to them, and anyone who used it, OE would get the mail and then crash, reopen, crash, rinse, repeat, on and on. After a few attempts at finding the problem I stumbled into that setting, unchecked it, and OE works fine once again.

I also picked up the wireless access point from Jason, my brother-in law, and was actually surprised. It’s not just the access point, it’s a SMC Barricade (SMC7004AWBR), a full Ethernet router and print/com server. Wow! Mostly this note is for myself, I need to, sometime tomorrow, look up and see if I can find the documentation for it, and go from there. I could, given it’s capabilities, replace the Hawking router I currently have, but I think I’m going to crossover from that one to this and have 7 Ethernet ports on top of the wireless access. Here’s hoping I can find the docs I need, otherwise I’ll have to guess at the default settings. Update: found the manual here.

OK, I need to get some of the digital photos moved from my laptop to my wife’s PC. I’ll catch up later!

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