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I was talking just the other day with someone on Twitter about creating some sort of tracking RSS feed for the LegalTech conference Feb 2-4 in New York. Much like last year’s ILTA conference, since I won’t be there, I am going to try and use the resources available to me to track the online conversation as well.

Well, turns out, at least on the Twitter front, I won’t have to work too hard to track it. Kevin O’ Keefe and LexTweet are going to be creating a tracking group of Twitter users attending LegalTech. Nice!

Hopefully it’ll have an RSS feed that I can dump into a Yahoo Pipe along with blog search terms, and track the conference pretty easily. If I get something useful, I’ll be sure to share.

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  1. Keep these ideas coming Mike. Unlikely we are going to have an RSS feed of that grouping in time for LegalTech. When we built LexTweet an RSS feed of all the tweets seemed worthless, but as the tweets are broken into groups like this I can see the value.

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