Reading – Chat is the New Email (and eDiscovery Must Deal With It)

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This a good article talking about chat/messaging apps like Bloomberg and how it alters what we’re used to doing with eDiscovery. The one thing I have had numerous discussion about during training classes in the idea of keyword searching. In the informal world of chat, doing keyword searching without considering alternate spellings is a huge risk. What are the chances that someone used that word, but didn’t spell it correctly, either on purpose by using text-speak, or just by being careless?

It’s vital that you have a plan to include those possibilities in your searching, whether it’s using fuzzy searching tools, or custodian interviews to ask about their chat use, or analyze a sample of the char before coming up with your terms.

I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not qualified to tell you what the plan should be, but don’t think we don’t discuss exactly these types of things when we get to the part of class that talks about fuzzy search! 😉

How have you dealt with this possibility? Or are you still hoping all this mobile phone, chat, IM, stuff will just go away?

Chat is the New Email (and eDiscovery Must Deal With It)

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