Linked – 3 Toxic Speaking Habits That Will Ruin Your Presentation

This one in particular is one that I’ve seen in the training industry and it irks me to no end. People who can’t be bothered to prepare ahead of time to make sure they know exactly how the material and classroom exercises flow before teaching it the first time.

“At a recent presentation training workshop I asked the delegates to each write down any bad habits they were aware of whilst they were presenting. One delegate wrote down that she spent far too little time preparing and no time at all practicing her presentation.


She wasn’t too impressed with my response in sharing a strategy to overcome her perceived bad habit. I told her that it didn’t sound like a bad habit to me as from what she described I expressed by concern that it felt more a case of her being lazy and/or not caring enough about her audience.


I explained that given that every presentation is about the audience rather than the speaker, if we don’t commit and dedicate ample time to preparing and practicing our presentation we are doing our audience a huge disservice. “

It’s true, you are there for the audience, not for yourself. If you honestly go into a presentation or training classroom thinking otherwise, you’ve already failed.


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