Let the games continue!

Just heard from Joe, the creator of Aggie, who also has a new version out and wants me to test it out and give him some feedback as far as the feeds that I couldn’t get Aggie to read. I’ll be documenting some of that this evening, I think, and passing it along to him.

By the way, let me just say that I’m highly impressed with all the developers that I’ve had email exchanges with, as far as their willingness to listen to suggestions, fix problems, and generally work hard to get things right with their software. No matter how things turn out over the next few weeks as far as what aggregator I choose to stick with, all of them have impressed me in that regard and I’d recommend any of them. My decision will, ulitmately, come down to which one meets my preferred way of doing the job, which is always different than your’s. So try them all and see which you like better!

I’m waiting with baited breath this afternoon. The new passwords from our ISP should go into effect this afternoon at some point and I am on edge about people’s ability to change it themselves. We’ll see how it goes.

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