You be the judge..

Interestingly, Intuit is now saying maybe they were wrong with the anti-piracy stuff they built into TurboTax. It’s interesting though that they claim to want to be very open about the fact that they weren’t installing spyware, but they chose a product that wrote to part of the HD you can’t see. Not the best choice, eh?

Also interesting, if you go to the site for Macrovision’s SafeCast it now states, very plainly that:

“SafeCast does not gather any personally identifiable information about the user or the user’s computer, nor does it transmit such information to Macrovision or any other party. “

However back in 2002, thanks to the internet archive we see that the same site touted Safecast’s ability to:

“Capture information on those who have evaluated or purchased products.”

Would you deal with this company?

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