A stunning display..

A stunning display of incompetence, that is.

I get on the Time Warner support people quite a bit, because as a RoadRunner subscriber we’ve had our share of difficulties with them. Just to show that it’s not us, the person I hired as part of Angela’s Xmas gift to do a new graphic look for her blog has had some mock ups done for her for a few days now, only he can’t FTP them to his website so she can look at them. He has a RoadRunner hosted site and it won’t allow him to write anything to the site. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with his internet connection. So far the wonderfully bright support people have had him power cycle his modem, reinstall the TCP/IP stack, and last I heard, they were even coming out to his house to check out his network card.

Now all of those would be legitimate things to check if he was having connection difficulties, but that’s not what his problem is! Where’s the common sense?

In other news:

Sounds like Brad’s got exactly the kind of cushy student job that every geek wants. Congrats!

And Kevin has a plea for all Movable Type users out there that I completely agree with. Make MT output valid RSS feeds! He even has the link to show you how.

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