The new media

Since it’s right down the street, and it’s a center of some rather large media activity today, I took our digital camera over to the Statehouse at lunch to try and get some better pictures than we were able to get last night during the rain. (Don’t worry, unless Angela wants to blog these, I was only taking them for my own archiving and curiosity, I don’t intend to become a political moblogger!)

I was struck however, at the number of people strolling around with the same idea, including one woman who had a baby in a stroller and was walking around shooting video of the scene. Apparently the idea of creating your own media footage is catching on!

BTW, I wound up watching a bunch of election coverage last night. Not because I cared who won, (I couldn’t swallow down enough of my own convictions to vote for Bush or Kerry!) but because the coverage itself was fascinating. I didn’t understand, and still don’t understand, how supposedly unbiased news organizations could all look at the same numbers, and come to such wildly divirgent conclusions, and make such ridiculous claims to back up those conclusions! More and more I don’t think we have biased media outlets, as much as we have really, really poor media outlets whose sole goal is to create interest, even if there is no story. It’s no wonder people are moblogging things on their own!

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