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I haven’t spoken about this, I am on the 2000 Bloggers collage. I joined and purposely didn’t say anything because I saw it as a sort of sociological experiment, and I didn’t want to do anything to influence it.

As it turns out, my original theory was that being one face in a collage of 2000 would be a bit like being lost in a crowd. Faced with seeing 2000 photos of bloggers, very few people, if any, would manage to click on any particular link. I likened it to walking into a room filled with 2000 random people. Most people would gravitate toward someone they were already familiar with, or someone they found ridiculously attractive. Given that my picture wasn’t going to get me to the latter group, and most people who know me and my blog are already reading, I figured there would be absolutely no increase in traffic due to being on the collage. I was right.

Why tell you this now? Because I never even considered that the project would get reposted all over the place and might come into question as a way to “game” Technorati. Of course, the creator says he never thought about it either, but there it is.

So, if you happen to notice my photo on there, that’s the explanation. If I get punished by Google or Technorati for being part of a “link-farm”, so be it. I got what I wanted out of the experiment, my intellectual curiosity has been sated. 🙂

Update: My other theory was validated literally minutes after posting this, when a few people found this entry searching Technorati for 2000 Bloggers. Obviously, talking about it would have invalidated the experiment. 🙂

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  1. I don’t believe this is a serious enough issue for them to start blacklisting people. On the other hand, part of why I don’t do advertising or try to make money on this site is because I want to be able to say whatever, take part in whatever, and not worry about the almighty Google ranking. While I certainly get plenty of search traffic to the blog, it’s the folks who are regular readers, and not using Google, that I want to be applicable to.

  2. I’m in there too Mike, and honestly didn’t submit my blog/picture. I’d be surprised if it gets treated as a link farm.

    BTW, thanks for the linkblog inclusion today.


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