Strange interference

I’ve noticed something quite bizarre over the last few days. Something seems to be interfering with the service to my T-Mobile Blackberry when I’m at home. Whenever I’m at home, emails will simply come in bunches every once in awhile, sometimes as much as a few hours from when they were sent, and frequently going to a website in the browser times out on me. The status indicators show a strong signal all the time, and leaving the house immediately solves these problems. (Yesterday an email that was sent to me at 1PM didn’t hit my blackberry until about 2:30, literally as I stepped out of the house and off the front porch.)This can only lead me to believe that something in or very near to our house has recently starting interfering with the signal. My home wireless network shows no signs of a problem, our Cingular cell phones show no signs of a problem, just the Blackberry.

Guess I should just be glad that as an hourly employee no one expects me to respond to my Blackberry when I’m at home. It’s a bit cold to have to run outside every 30 minutes or so to get my messages. I believe it’s about 12 degrees Fahrenheit right now, going down below zero tonight. Burr!

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  1. That’s the other reason I’m fairly sure it’s something at my house, if it was wide-spread interference, an attorney would have been all over us to fix it!

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