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I overheard, not in the literal sense but secondhand, an IT professional lamenting the lack of media coverage about the Daylight Savings time switch and the possible affect on computer systems. Apparently, in cases like this, he likes to send an alert to the folks he supports and send them a link to CNN or some other mainstream media outlet, and he hasn’t seen a single article about this issue.

I looked at the person telling me about this and said simply “Dude needs to read some blogs, I’ve been seeing references to that in my newsreader for a long time”

Take that as a bit of professional advice, read some blogs don’t depend on CNN and WSJ for your tech news. Of course, if you’re reading this I don’t need to tell you that, but if you come across IT folks in this situation, feel free to point them here for an explanation of why they need to get a newsreader, subscribe to some tech feeds, and get ahead of the game.

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