Tiered Pricing: a Security risk?

Earlier today I had a random thought about Time Warner’s plans to test out tiered pricing for bandwidth. I started thinking about all those people who would be keeping track of their bandwidth usage on a daily basis, making sure they never went over the limit and had to pay extra charges for it. These would be the kind of people who not only would get peeved any time they got spam email , as suggested by WinXP News. but they would also be the kind of people who wouldn’t want something like Automatic Updates running and downloading things of an unknown size, so they’d probably turn that off.

In fact, they’d probably just quit getting any security updates for any of their software, they’re just too big, especially service packs, and they never asked for them.

Yeah, Time Warner would, in effect, be making you pay more for the privilege of keeping your PC secure and getting junk mail.

<sarcasm>Gee, if we all followed their example of how to run a business though, I should probably keep my mouth shut about this. When all those people get stuck paying the higher bandwidth fees anyway after their PC’s get compromised, they can pay us IT guys to clean them up.

I get it now, it’s a win-win for the tech industry. </sarcasm>

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