Switching to the lesser of two evils

Or, “How bad is the phone company that we have to switch to Time Warner Digital Phone?”

Seriously, we have enough issues with our cable Internet connection dropping out for significant amounts of time, for no apparent reason, that when Time Warner introduced digital phone in our area, I practically laughed out loud at the idea that I’d trust that connection to be my phone connection. On the other hand, when AT&T comes out to the house twice, proclaiming there’s nothing wrong at all, despite the fact that there’s so much static on the line at random times that you no longer can hold conversations for very long without getting disconnected, or your answering machine records nothing but static for messages, and they refuse to come back out, because there’s nothing wrong, what else can you do?

Seriously, if we didn’t have some really good reason to want to hang on to our number for a little while, at least, we’d probably just drop the land line altogether and just use our cell phones, but for now, this appears to be our temporary solution.

I hate utility companies…

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