Even the Pope Wants You on Twitter

If you think about it, the Pope’s recent encouragement to believers to spread the Church’s message on Twitter and other social networking tools makes perfect sense. If you go back and ask the ever popular question about “What Would Jesus Do?”, I think it’s pretty clear that the same guy who reached out to the prostitutes, tax collectors, and other “undesirables” in his age, would have had no problem reaching out to the lost and lonely across Facebook and Twitter with His message in our current day.

While I get that many religious groups are loathe to be seen dealing with all of the undesirable and anonymous people out there on the “wild” internet, that is clearly not the example of the early church. What better platform to spread a message, and to be “real”. than to take part on social networks? It’s 2013, any group with a message should be sharing it on social media. What’s the other option, to wait for people to come to you? For a church, how reasonable is that? How many people out in US society even want to go to a church building? How many of them are on Twitter and Facebook sharing things they find interesting?

Yes, I realize that this post is about religion specifically, and I don’t normally talk religion online, but in this case, I think this is a great example in which we can learn a more universal lesson. People don’t necessarily go places to hear ideas and messages, they are much more likely to be exposed to ideas by their friends and contacts, and that exposure is taking place virtually more and more every day. It’s going to be in your best interest to get yourself, your ideas, and your message, in that space.

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