Big Surprise

So Twitter released a video sharing service and quickly it has a porn problem.

I know, I know, who could have thought a service that allowed people to create anonymous accounts and share video would have this issue? 😉

Ultimately, this is the problem with anonymous video, especially with the immediacy of Twitter. On Facebook, your videos are tied to your identity, and on YouTube users are more likely to simply search for videos and subscribe to folks they have already identified as trustworthy sources of good video. Twitter has always been a bit more uncontrolled than all of that. Video changes the game a bit. Now I have to really consider who I follow and what their videos are going to look like in my timeline. I can’t just start following back anyone who follows me. Given that, the growth of Vine, I think, is going to be quite different than that of Twitter, and if you use the service, you’re going to want to protect that account more than most users protect their Twitter accounts. It stands to be much more embarrassing when your account is taken over by spammers.

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