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Linked: How to Use RSS Feeds to Boost Your Productivity

I was likewise surprised that there are people who think RSS went away.

“If you think RSS died when Google Reader shut down—or if you’re unaware, or only vaguely aware, of how to use RSS feeds—this guide is for you.”

RSS is not gone, quite the opposite. Most people, however, don’t use RSS subscriptions like they did in the old Google Reader days, but RSS is running underneath a whole lot of stuff that we all use every day.

But, I also want to point out that there are a TON of good reasons to use an RSS reader now. Maybe more than there were when Google still had one. As it is, we’ve sort of grown into this habit of letting social media inform us. If there’s some topic we want to know about, we’ll follow some accounts and let the algorithm decide for us what we need to see.

Look how well that’s working out.

RSS lets me subscribe to various websites or social media accounts, and be sure that I’m seeing everything that source is putting out. I’m not dependent on Facebook or Twitter surfacing the sources I want to hear from, I’m taking control of it.

Of course, that requires me to do some work too, and clearly not many people are willing to do that work online. That’s a shame, because once it’s setup, it’s less work.

So check this out, there’s a lot of good stuff about RSS in it. There’s also a lot of stuff about Zapier in it, since it is on their website, but even if you’re not interested in learning about using RSS to “push” stuff out, at least take some time to read about setting up an RSS reader.

Take control of your information.


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