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I think many a public speaker would do well to remember Seth’s questions here about using a tool like PowerPoint:

“Overall question: Who is this presentation for?

And the follow-up: What change are we seeking to make?

If you’re not trying to cause an action or some other change in attitude or belief, then what’s the purpose of the deck?”

And yes, this is not just about the deck. It’s also about the presentation, or meeting, in the first place. What change are you trying to make? If you can’t identify that, why are you doing it? Is it really just to document that you did work? Are you making slides just to fill the time allotted to whatever presentation you’re doing, or does each one serve a purpose in building the overall effect?

I fear a lot of people in business create slide decks because they don’t know what else to do, when there are so many better, and more efficient, options. But, it’s what everyone does, so, we just keep on rolling along.

And that goes double for meetings. 😉

Strategy and tactics and Powerpoint

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