AOL cable, Win XP not connecting

AOL cable, Win XP not connecting

Now here’s an interesting story, not because AOL and XP apparently have a bug, that happens. No big deal. But it’s the other part that I didn’t even realize:

AOL executives have noted that the company’s acquisition of Time Warner gives it a powerful means for selling broadband versions of its online service to connected households.

Let me get this straight, you’re already connected to the internet using TW cable, and then you go out and pay MORE MONEY for access to AOL services? Is that really what they’re trying to do? Do people really need to be babied that much? C’mon people you’re not stupid, you are capable of learning to use and enjoy the internet without AOL controlling how you do it. I’ve always defended AOL users as folks who would rather not be bothered to learn how to use the internet by themselves, but that was back when you paid them to be your ISP like everyone else. Now you’re not even paying them to be your ISP, your paying them just for their content, which isn’t that good to begin with! Get out of the AOL bubble and take a look at just how much you can do on the internet without them!

Someone please tell me I’m reading this wrong..

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