Done with consulting

Or, Free at last, free at last, everything over there is NLMP. (No longer my problem!)

Yes, it’s true. Yesterday, 6 months after leaving the job, I finally turned in my keys to the building and said sayonara to my former employer. I feel liberated, like a giant weight has been lifted.

Looking back it’s not that I billed a lot of time to them, but really that just represented the time I spent in the office working out problems for them. That didn’t include the mental energy of keeping the network layout in mind and remembering the details of various things so I could recall it to answer questions, or trying to foresee what the next problem was going to be and nipping it in the bud, or the time spent documenting what I was doing so the next person would know where everything is, etc. There’s a lot of time and energy spent trying to do that, on top of all the time and energy I’ve spent learning my new job!

I feel like now, with the energy no longer needing to be spent on this, and the Friends of the Library website in the hands of the designer, needing me only to direct traffic between the Board and the designer, I can give my full “job” attention to my job, I can focus time and energy on personal tech projects that have been pushed aside too long, I can pay more attention to my websites, and maybe I can even have a fuller social agenda again. That’d be nice.

In a way, I think this weekend (Angela and I will be taking a long weekend in San Francisco) is coming at the perfect time in terms of wiping the slate clean and starting a new chapter. I’m looking forward to spending some overdue quality time with her and then coming back to the new challenges that await without having the old ones still hanging around. It’s time.

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  1. Well congratulations on your first 6 months in the new job – hasn’t time flown by? It must have felt REALLY good to hand over those keys. I think you did far more than necessary or expected from your old company – I just hope they don’t still think they can call you just in case….

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