Crackberry Users Celebrate

The news got passed around at the office quickly, even though it was after 5 on a Friday. I’m sure many of the attorney’s in our office will be quite relieved that their “whole life” will not be taken away. (As in “I need this, my whole life is in there!”) Others will not really care. If you work in a law firm you know them, they’re the one’s who really never needed a blackberry they just had to have what the other kids have, the one’s who wind up running the battery down because they never remember to stick it in the cradle to charge, because they don’t ever really need to sync it, the one’s who manage to leave it home all the time because they don’t really like having it go off, etc.

As for us, I think we’ll mostly be happy. Not that we love having our “digital leashes” to answer to, nor do we really enjoy having to support them, but finding a replacement at a moment’s notice wasn’t going to be pretty.

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