Long Weekend

It’s been an enjoyable, if not productive, weekend. With everything going on at work, being busy learning all sorts of new things, putting in some weekend work, etc., it was nice to really just spend some time with the wife, who’s had her own issues with working a lot of the time lately, my family and some friends. So while I didn’t really get any blog posting done, or research into a couple of things I’ve been meaning to look at, there will be plenty of time for that.

Besides, this week I get “thrown to the wolves” so to speak, as the guy who’s been training me on the ligation support stuff will be taking some vacation time and it’ll just be me manning the workload. Should be interesting. 🙂

Don’t know what that means for posting around here. It might be light because I’m working late, or just wiped out from the work day, or it might be more than usual because I’m really digging into things for myself for the first time. Stay tuned.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, and that we can all take a moment to remember all of our veterans. This is their day most of all.

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