Rockwell’s America

We went to the Ohio Historical Center this past weekend to take in the Norman Rockwell exhibit, Rockwell’s America.

Now, I’ve never been a big Rockwell fan. If you know anything about my childhood, you know that the idyllic scenes of small town America, and the exuberance of childhood are not something I could have wrapped my head around. Even now, there’s not much in the themes of Rockwell’s work that I connect with.

On the other hand, given the opportunity to see all 322 Saturday Evening Post covers in one place, it’s easy to appreciate the quality of the work. The rest of the displays really put the pieces in context, and help you appreciate the effort that went in as well as the stories that were being told.

I’m still not the biggest Rockwell fan, but I do encourage those of you in the Columbus area to take advantage of the display being here, and check it out.

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