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Recently, I’ve become painfully aware that my personal phone, an iPhone 3S, might be lagging a bit in the technology department. Actually, it’s not so much the technology lag as the number of things that kinda sorta work some of the time.

For example, there was a recent occasion where my wife sent me a text while I was in flight with the phone turned off. Did that text come through when I turned the phone back on? Nope. Did it come in later and bring up a notification that I had a new message? Not so much. Did I see the text two days later when I went to send a text to my wife, as that was apparently the phone’s cue to refresh the conversation? Sure!

Now, not wanting to potentially have something happen to my new phone while I was out of the country, I waited until our return, and headed out to the AT&T store to get a new iPhone 5S to replace my out dated model. It actually was a pretty simple process, we were in and out in under 15 minutes all told. It was also a nice chance to clean up the number of apps I had on my phone. I logged into my iTunes account and only downloaded the ones I have actually used recently. We’ll see how long before I wind up with a bunch of apps that I don’t even remember what they’re for. The phone is nice, a bit on the slender side compared to the 3S so the keyboard is not as wide, that is taking some getting used to but is a minor quibble.

The larger adjustment is going to be Siri. I’ve never had a phone that would respond to my voice. I feel a bit weird talking to my phone. I like the idea, I’m just not sure about actually doing it, especially in public. Maybe that’s just me.

For those of you with newer phones, did you get used to it, or does it still seem weird?


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