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Training Blog and My Latest Blog Post for the Firm

I spotted this on a link from one of the many people I follow on this evening, The Lit Support Trainer’s Blog. It’s relatively new, but I’m interested in seeing something dedicated to others to do Lit Support work. As a Certified Trainer, I’ve done a bit of in our firm on using Summation, and am always interested in hearing how others manage to get training done, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it, for sure!

In other news, the latest blog post I wrote for the work blog is up, titled e-discovery 2.0, it’s a reminder to legal departments and lawyers that their organizations might not end at the corporate firewall anymore, it may be in the cloud!

It’s sort of different writing over there, one because there is much more of a sense of having to do it, as well as being very careful in what I say, since it’s representing the firm, not just me! I definitely like writing representing myself better, but it’s important to bring some value to the table in your , so I’m more than happy to bring my years of to the table there! Any extra value I can bring in this legal downturn can only be a good thing.

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