I guess that’s why they call it Beta

I made an attempt to experiment with the Child Abuse Site and upgrade the blog to Movable Type version 4 beta. I completely backed everything up, in case it didn’t go well and I needed to revert in a hurry, downloaded the MT 4 stuff and uploaded it over top of the existing install.

Well, it turned out I needed that backup of the files pretty quickly. The upgrade script didn’t work at all. I got redirected to it, but instead of reading my server configuration and presenting me with the appropriate options, it gave me all of the available responses it had, laid overtop of one another, and none of the buttons worked. For example, instead of reading he configuration and presenting me with “You’re ready to upgrade” an the Begin button, or the “Your version of Perl may not work correctly, do you want to continue anyway” with the yes and No buttons, I had all of them, with buttons that led only to Javascript errors. Good times.

I’m assuming there’s a plugin problem, and perhaps when it’s a released version, I’ll do a fresh install without any existing plugins, but for now, I’m happy with my working version, than you very much!

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