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Ian Landsman gave me a head’s up this afternoon to a new site he’s created, In his words: is a new site dedicated to the help desk community. I created this site because there’s simply a lack of help desk focused forums available. The best we currently have are IT forums that will occasionally have a help desk topic or two. This forum is a place to call our own and I hope will serve as a great resource for our community over the coming years.

I think it’s a great idea. It’s brand new, so there’s not much discussion going on yet, but I definitely plan on being involved in it, and maybe trying to get my coworkers involved as well.

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  1. Very interesting Mike. Thanks for the link. I’ll be bookmarking this one too, and hopefully contribute something meaningful to the conversation.

  2. Thanks guys! Your support is greatly appreciated. As Mike notes, things are light right now (hey I just turned it live this morning!). Forum sites are really hard to get started so this early support is really important.

  3. I think this is the guy who writes some helpdesk software – it looked pretty impressive when I saw the screenshots so hopefully it will be a good resource and not just a plug for his software 🙂
    I’ll be keeping an eye on it too.

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