Media debut

Yes, now you all know the reason for my sudden interest in Skype was being able to do a recorded interview with Kevin for his In The Trenches podcast. For my first time ever being interviewed I think it turned out fairly well.

I did learn some things along the way, one, live interviewing is a lot harder than blogging. When I blog about a subject I can type what I think, look it over, change the wording, edit the raw thoughts, etc. all before I hit “Publish” and send it out to the world. When you’re speaking, your first words are out there already, you can’t really edit them. I found that somewhat nerve-wracking. 🙂

The other thing, if you’re recording a chat using Skype, it’s best that you not do anything else. My only access to a microphone came from my laptop. The mic on the laptop does a surprisingly good job of picking up my speaking. It also does a surprisingly good job of picking up typing on the keyboard, or even the clicking of the touch pad. We decided after some testing that the best way to handle that was to do nothing but talk during the interview. That worked fine, though, due to the fact that I had typed up notes about spyware in OneNote and having that page open was all I needed.

Anyway, I had fun doing it, thanks for the opportunity Kevin!

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