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Don’t remember if I’ve talked about this newsletter lately, but here are a few links that I will be looking at in more detail later from the latest issue of Tech Support Alert:

Anti-Trojan Software Reviews

ChimeNote -an alternative to emailing yourself reminders to/from different email accounts.

Free Linux Desktop Guide for Non-Linux Users

Qwik-Fix -claims to keep you protected from known, but unpatched, vulnerabilities by using generic system hardening. I can’t lay claim to knowing anything about it, but the Home edition is free until Oct 31 if you want to test drive. If you know enough about security to really put this thing through it’s paces I’d love to hear your opinions. Update: you can read more about this product from the Lockergnome folks here.

By the way, I think what I’ve decided to do, is take any $$ that comes from agreeing to the latest side-gig and split it up among a couple of different sites/newsletters that really have helped me do my job during the course of the last year. Top of the list is Spywareinfo.com, but I’ve got a couple of other ones in mind too, including Tech Support Alert. At least this way, there will be some good that comes from my inability to say no yesterday. 🙂

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