About last night

Yes I got to spend most of my evening at work! On a Friday night, that rocks, doesn’t it?

Turns out that late yesterday afternoon two different machines lost network connectivity suddenly. After a few checks of routine things, I eventually made my way to the wiring closet and noticed something wrong right away. In there, we have 2 switches an Intel 510T (24 ports) and a 520T (12 ports). The last grouping of four ports on the 520T had no LED lights anymore. They were completely dead. I tried resetting the switch, I even tried power cycling the switch, but nothing would bring those 4 ports back to life. Eventually I simply re-routed those four connections through the old 3Com switch we had in there, but it’s 10Mbps only, so they might notice a slow down or two whiile I figure out what happened to the 520T. I’m thinking some sort of electrical short, but I’m no electrician, and I haven’t been able to connect to it using either Intel Device View or telnet. It’s refusing connections now, which can’t be a good sign.

On Monday I guess I’ll be hooking up my laptop to the console port and see if I can get a look at the error log and see what might be going on with it. I think I might even be searching for the paperwork on the purchase to see about the warranty information too. 🙁

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