Time and effort

It’s been a little while so I had forgotten how much time and effort can go into a job search, especially when you expand it beyond your immediate geographic area. Last night, after working all day, I had dinner and spent a little time with Angela, then sat down to review some of the help wanted ads that had been posted online over the weekend. A few hours later I had a few cover letters written, a handful of emails sent with my resume attached, one online application form filled out, a number of local classified sites of places Angela and I have discussed as possible places to live bookmarked, and a bit of company research done on a couple of potential employers. And then, I was pretty darn tired!

I’m beginning to think about creating another blog where I document what all is involved in the job search, day to day, but I just don’t know that I’d have time to keep up with 3 blogs! I do think it’d be interesting though…

The point of this post, however, is to say that the internet makes looking for a job in another town much easier than I imagine it would have been before. That’s the sort of thing that is incredibly useful. On the other hand, it could still get better. I can’t wait for the day that I can go to Dice or Monster, create a search and then have the results updating once a day using an XML feed and loaded directly into my aggregator every evening when I go home. That’s the sort of thing Web Services should be allowing us to do, but we’d have to get the advertising people out of the way first.

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