I don’t mean to be braggin’ …

I noticed this morning that the new blog got noticed and linked by those folks over Network World Fusion’s Compendium blog. Now don’t you wish you were me? Still not convinced? How about something like this sitting in my office full of root beer right now? How about the fact that my wife bought it for me?

Yeah see, now you’re jealous aren’t ya’? 😉

Update: If you’re not jealous how about the fact that I just got a call from my wife and she spent some of her comp time away from work treking down to the Cheryl’s Cookies factory sale and I’m gonna be going home to a boatload of fine, fine cookies? (Of course I may also be going home to a wife bouncing off the walls from the sugar buzz too, so I understand if that doesn’t exactly make you jealous..)

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