Ethics, ethics, ethics..

Yup, I’m knee deep in this ethics policy that we’re working on. Spending my days doing staff interviews, reading through details of example codes of conduct, workplace policies, employee handbooks, etc. Not much tech stuff to report on, so not much to say that pertains to the blog right now.

I will say that I installed the new version of Firefox on my laptop last night. I really, really hate losing all my extensions when I upgrade like that. If I had one recommendation to the Firefox team, it would be to find a way to “upgrade in place” instead of going the uninstall the old version, install the new version, route. That way I could keep preferences, bookmarks, and extensions without going through extra steps. Just a thought. Other than that, in limited use thus far, obviously, I like it. The way the menus are more like IE, it’ll make it easier for people to switch, and the new default theme doesn’t bother me that much. I’m more interested in seeing what’s on the page than I care about what the browser toolbar looks like anyway!

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