Fax Laws

Interesting article on the latest twist in the fax laws.

I’m pretty torn about this issue. As the IT person for a small business I can tell you that trying to prepare for the day when we can’t fax anyone without their written permission has been burdensome, to the point where we probably won’t do any broadcast faxing of newsletters or other materials. On the other hand, as a consumer, and as the IT “contact” for our business, I have been junk faxed at work by IT vendors who we have not done business with since before I started working here in 1997, that’s hardly what I would call important business information. I like the 48 hour idea though, it gives us 48 hours to fax you information that you’ve asked us to send you immediately, and then if you want to sign up for our newsletters or other announcements by fax, you need to give us written permission to fax you. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, but I can see where even that 48 hour window will be abused, without a doubt.

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