Granted, I’ve been busy and not paying attention to blogs with all that much detail of late, so I almost missed this post over at Scoble’s, but this part jumped out at me after the discussion from last month.

One thing I’ve enjoyed recently is just reading feeds and staying away from the Memetrackers (although, I’ll be honest, I’ve peeked at Memeorandum a few times, it’s a very hard addiction to break). But, I’m enjoying catching up on the lives of real bloggers.

Good for you Robert, there’s hope for you yet! Even working at MS you still get that technology is all about people, and blogging is all about connecting to those people, their lives, their ideas, and their knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s the connections I’ve made with people that have kept me from walking away from this. Without those connections, this wouldn’t be at all enjoyable! The same goes for working in IT, our primary job is not to play with geek toys, or spend all our time installing new stuff for the sake of installing new stuff. Our job is to help people. All the servers, PC, and Web apps in the world are useless to a business without people using them to get something done.

Maybe working at a Helpdesk as opposed to being a network engineer helps me see this a bit easier, because I’m in the business of helping people. Sometimes that involves fixing a PC or doing some “techie” thing to solve a problem they’re having, but more times than not I’m helping that person learn how to accomplish something, helping them understand how to best use the tools at their disposal, or finding the proper tool to help them accomplish a task. The technology is just a tool, good IT staffers work with people to help them get the most out of those tools.

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