Speaking of trials

The other new thing I’m trying out, at least on my work PC, is Mozilla 1.1. (Yeah I’m really behind on this one!) I do like some of the features, and it was nice to get a good look at what this site looks like in Moz, since I had already seen what it looks like in Netscape 7, IE 5, 5.5, 6.0 and 5.0 for Mac, and Opera 6.0. I actually like that Moz loads the tables from left to right, it means the content in the middle “div” can be read while the blogrolls are still loading. I hate the way IE waits to load all of it, meaning that any issues with either Blogrolling or the referrer script cause you to have to wait to read my posts.

On the other hand, Blogger isn’t exactly working with Mozilla very well yet, and my own comments get broken if you choose to not “Let scripts open up unrequested windows”, which I have known for sometime, but I just haven’t wanted to shut them down while I make a switch to something else just yet. (Actually, I haven’t decided what to switch to, or if I want to try and figure out how to fix that using aspcomments.)

By the way, since I know someone has been having issues with Angela’s comments, the YACCS works with Mozilla either way that feature is set, because of the use of a “noscript” alternative. (Or at least it works both ways for me.) I might just have to switch this site to that, but I’m leery of yet another off-site script being linked from this page.

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