Lazy sundays..

Lazy Sunday’s rock! OK so it wasn’t completely lazy, I did go through a couple of chapters of the VB 5 book, ran through a couple of exercises, and started to get down some of the code. But I also watched the DVD of Father Ted episodes that I picked up at the library, played some Sega Dreamcast Hockey, and read parts of the Sunday paper. Unfortunately, a good part of the Sunday paper got blown off our front porch and spread through the neighborhood, I assume. We tracked down some of it after it hit puddles and got wet, there by staying still, but most of it was gone! *L* At least the comics were still on the porch!

Father Ted, by the way, is a BBC show about a couple of Irish priests, very funny stuff, I recommend it, if you like English humor. Speaking of recommendations, Angela, her brother and I took in We Were Soldiers with Mel Gibson. It’s a very good movie, although it is an extremely powerful movie. If you’re not prepared for a gut-wrenching emotional experience, this is not the movie to see. But it will make you think about Vietnam and the people who died there.

Have I told you how much I love having a cable modem? I was able to grab a copy of MySQL, a 12MB zip file that downloaded in 56 seconds. Then I got the GUI in a zip in like 11 seconds. I may not keep it, or really use it, but it’s nice that I can install it and get a feel for it without having made a big time commitment to downloading it. Oh, and Angela was listening to streaming radio on another computer at the same time, how cool is that? You should get a cable modem going at your house too! 🙂

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