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Heading to ILTA 2012 – Another Different Experience

Last year, I attended the annual ILTA conference in Nashville as just an attendee, with no speaking commitments. That made for a bit of a different experience than the previous years that I had attended, and I enjoyed the freedom to attend more sessions, enjoy the social gatherings without fretting for missing prep time for a session the next day, etc. I got to see the conference in a bit of a different light when I wasn’t involved in any of it as intimately as I had been as a speaker.

This year, I’ll be seeing the conference from yet another perspective, as I attend for the first time as a vendor, as opposed to an ILTA member. I honestly have no idea what to expect. If I were part of our sales team, I would tell you to come by the booth and say hello, but I’m not part of the sales team. While I expect I will be around at the booth at various times, that won’t be my main responsibility. My main responsibility will be in providing support for our sales team, especially in our hands-on demo lab. So at the very least, I know I’ll be in our demo room during the morning demo sessions Tuesday-Thursday. I can also assume I’ll be in that room setting up on Monday, and packing it up Thursday afternoon. Aside from that, I may be at the booth some talking to our customers, I may try and hit a session or two, and some of the networking events during the evenings. It’s hard to say for sure, since this will be a brand new experience for me!

Still, I hope to see some old friends, say hello and catch up a bit, even if I am over on the dark side now…. 😉

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