In the Mail

Speaking of why I do this website, I got this from one of the hundreds of folks who wandered over from Lockergnome yesterday:

“Hi, Mike. I’m another Gnomie visiting your site. I used to be a one man

IT dept, until I moved to the mountains to work from home in a different capacity.

Now I am a SOHO IT dept. With 6 machines to babysit at home, a WinProxy peer

network/Internet connection, and kids who like to play games, I feel like I never left.

I added you to my Favorites, so I can check up on your antics regularly.

(I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to do a pop-up sort of thing with

a Blog) Anyway, thanks for sharing your daily experiences with “us”. It

makes the web a bit more personal and informative.”

That, right there, is worth more to me than a few measly advertising dollars!

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