Gone.scr Virus

Well, I think the antivirus question I had was answered today. How on earth did something as simple as the gone.scr virus get spread so quickly? Obviously we had some people who we deal with get the virus because it was bouncing into our mail server in no time flat. Seems like at least 5-6 people saw copies of it come in and asked me about it. You have to figure that some others saw it and dealt with it without asking me, because I had a warning out about it at the first sign of trouble, just to remind people. Usually they are pretty good about attachments, they’ll at least ask me before clicking on an attachment they aren’t familiar with, but you know the first time I assume that they know better, someone will prove me wrong. 🙂

Obviously, we are dealing with an education issue. Short of beating them over the head with a 2 by 4, how do we get people to realize that opening attachments is dangerous?

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