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I’ve been playing around a bit tonight. First with MonkeyGTD, a TiddlyWiki desinged around the GTD methodology. I’ve been playing with version 2.1 alpha, which is hugely powerful, hugely confusing, and still hugely undone. It’s taken me the better part of an hour just to wrap my head around the concept, and understand how to get started tracking projects and actions, but in the end, I think it might be too much for me. I kind of like my simple Wiki with various sections, simple to-do lists, and simple documentation that it holds. I’m having trouble fitting that all into the GTD system.

For example, currently I have Tiddlers for a friend. It holds various notes I’ve made to remind myself of things we’ve talked about, things I need to ask them about, etc. When I plan to get together with that friend for lunch, I add a quick item on my main to-do list, linked to the tiddler with their name, I can check those notes before I go off to lunch. I’m not sure I want to turn that person into a Project, and lunch into a next action, or if I do that, how I keep those random bits of information I have about them so I can reference them before the lunch comes up, but not have them tied to any action. See, it’s confusing… 🙂

On the other hand, if I worked in more of a project oriented job, I could see some usefulness there, so I may keep trying to master it in case I find myself in that kind of job someday. Most help desk “projects” are over before I’d even get them in there.

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