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Linked – 7 Steps to Ensure New Trainers are Successful

Langevin has this step on top. I am not surprised. I’ve always been somewhat stunned when someone gets hired on as a trainer, or moved into a training position based on their technical skills, without having to prove they can, you know, teach, or run a classroom, online or in person.

Select the Right Candidates
The successful candidate should have strong interpersonal and organizational skills and be somewhat comfortable speaking before a group. Ideally, a potential trainer should have demonstrated the ability to concisely state complex ideas. They must also be flexible enough to adjust to group dynamics. By way of example, an informal motto of Langevin trainers is “Semper Gumby”—always be flexible.

This is a skill. It is a required skill to provide excellent training. Unfortunately, it gets short-changed often in the tech world, where it is often assumed that anyone who understands the technology can also be a trainer.

This is why so much technical training is awful, by the way.


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