Server move

My hosting provider is moving their servers to another location over the next week or so. They tell me they will be doing these moves in the middle of the night Eastern Time, but if you happen to see this site disappear for 45 minutes to an hour, don’t fret. They are just driving it down the road to the new location. 🙂

I’ve also been messing around a bit with the template, trying to keep you all informed on the various things I’m doing on-line. It’s still a work in progress, as I brainstorm new ideas and experiment with new tools. I’m toying with some ideas for taking Feedburner feeds and mixing some of the various sites I’m working on currently, FiT, Flickr, Twitter, the Child Abuse blog, etc. I don’t want to throw all of that in one feed, I couldn’t possibly expect anyone to care that much about what I’m doing, but I’d like to maybe find some combinations that work for folks. If you have any ideas, leave a comment.

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