Is Blogging Dead?

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Well no, it’s not. Despite the ominous sounding headline, blogging is more popular than ever, people just aren’t calling it that any more.

Yes, the “blog” that we first talked about at the turn of the century, and in 2001 when I started; a list of entries sorted in reverse chronological order and with full post RSS feeds, is pretty much dead, but the art of writing stories for the web is still very much alive.

If it wasn’t, how did Tumblr, a site where people can create blogs, become the fastest growing social platform?

However, it has indeed changed.

Yes, more and more people are consuming blog posts as part of their social media circles, instead of following blogs. That was fairly obvious when Google shut down it’s Reader application and continues to become more and more obvious every day. Subscribing to an RSS feed and using a feed reader simply isn’t how the younger generation consumes information. They consume it within their social networks, and more importantly, they consume it on their mobile devices through their social networks. That means, that if you want your content to be seen, it has to be visible there!

In that regard, I started doing some experimenting with the design of this here website. Moving it away from the old “Blog” style of site, and moving toward something that, I hope, is more user friendly. Something that is social, easy to consume on a mobile device, and hopefully, a bit more attractive to anyone who comes by. I’ve started adding some video content, with plans to do more of that as time goes on. Bottom line, I’m still here blogging, but also experimenting in ways to get those old fashioned blog posts into new wine skins. It’s not 2001 anymore, we shouldn’t expect internet users to continue to act like it is.

Also, long holiday weekends are a great time to experiment with changes, because this is typically the time of year when traffic drops and people spend less time reading blogs. Plus, I felt like a change was needed in preparation for some other changes that I will be announcing soon.

So, let me know what you think, and more importantly, let me know if something doesn’t work! 😉


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