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I’m posting this using the latest release of WLW. I kinda like it. I’ve been using it quite a bit for posting to my other blog, which is a Movable Type blog, but had stayed away from using it here because it didn’t incorporate all the new Blogger features when that upgrade came out. Now it seems to have added to ability to match up the categories with the ones I’ve already set-up on Blogger, the same way it had with my MT installation. When you add in the various plug-ins for Technorati Tags and Flickr, it seems to have everything I commonly use when posting to my blog, so it might be time to use this for both blogs full-time now.

The one bothersome feature they still seem to have it that the auto-save feature still slows down the PC when it’s doing an auto-save. The program just stops, and then has to play catchup with my typing after it completes the auto-save. Oh well, it’s easy enough to turn off.

Now as to the installer trying to change my home page and default search to MSN, that I could really do without, thank you very much! At least it asked first, but I don’t see why any software should feel welcome enough on my PC to even ask!

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  1. I have been using WLW since about last August. I have found the Beta 2 version to be a welcome upgrade.
    I am pretty happy with the additional features and functionality.
    I wrote a post about the announcement and some of the features of Windows Live Writer.

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