Scripting News Awards

Cam doesn’t like the idea behind the Scripting News Awards, and isn’t afraid to tell us how he really feels.

Meanwhile Geek Blog has some ideas on how it should be done.

Daily Rotten has some interesting allegations on how the FBI is trying to gain access to information it has no right to.

I’m back at work today, feeling somewhat better, but I still have the occasional hacking fit, yeah me! I’m working on getting caught up on things I should have been doing yesterday, but it all should get done today, along with todays work. I’ll have to limit my reading and researching for today, but it’ll all get caught up eventually.

My web host is having problems today, well I guess it’s not really a problem, but the site is inaccessible for now while they do a server upgrade. That’s cool, I got advance notice this time, so I don’t have to wonder what’s going on. Good communication really makes all the difference in the world. That’s the business lesson for the day..:)

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