Linked: How GPT-3 and Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy the Internet

I don’t know that I completely agree with the statement in the headline. I mean yes, this is totally going to happen, even if GPT-3 tries to prevent it from happening, someone will come along with similar technology and sell it to anyone willing to pay for crappy content farms.

When anyone can create content at scale with little to no cost, then the only thing that will differentiation in the future will be the quality. In short, I agree with OpenAI’s sentiment that strict controls should be placed on the quantity and purpose of the content produced by GPT-3. Otherwise, we would have much more of much less when it comes to written content on the web.

This thing is, I think all that noise will end up taking us back somewhere we’ve been before, and maybe shouldn’t have left, when a website with a blog wasn’t “content” but represented the thoughts and opinions of real people, who you could get to know and interact with. After all, the best way to get authentic information is to get it from authentic people, right?

GPT-3 can’t compete with that, at least not in the near-future.


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