Linked – How the weird power dynamics of job interviews can brainwash you into putting up with bad behavior.

At this point in my life, I’ve seen and heard so many of these kinds of stories, that almost nothing surprises me, though some of the stories in this article are very strange. That kind of behavior would stop though, if we could remind ourselves of this, and not put up with it.

“There’s something about job interviews that makes even strong candidates feel like they must simply wait compliantly to receive the interviewer’s judgment. Job seekers would be so much better served by realizing that interviewers aren’t doing them a favor by bestowing time upon them and that each party is there to determine if they’d like to enter into a business arrangement with the other. Just as the employer is assessing the candidate, candidates should be assessing the employer right back—and figuring out whether they want this job and to work with these people and for this company.”

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