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Linked: App-based freedoms and the relentless battle for cybersecurity

Dr. Morris makes an important point about the necessity for security as we continue to move into a world where the information in an app will decide whether we can enter a stadium, or board a plane. How secure is that information?

We are going to be using our smartphones as a kind of passport for free movement, locally and internationally. Which means this is not going to be just a techie issue. It is one for whole societies to think about. We are all going to have to start thinking about the part we play in the battle, add to the pipeline of cybersecurity talent, and what is needed to keep us all moving.

Look, whether for political reasons, financial reasons, or just the desire to create chaos, the digital information we have around our vaccine status, or the various other things we carry on our smartphone that acts as “proof” that we are who, and what, we say we are, is a nice juicy target for hackers.

If we can’t keep it secure, it defeats the purpose entirely.

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